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"A Piece of Hyperspace"

[Polyhedron Quilt 1]


38" x 42"
Completed April, 2002

This quilt was a combined effort by Serena and Mark.
It won a second-place ribbon in the Vermont Quilt Festival this July (2002).
Serena paper-pieced the quilt ("A Piece of Hyperspace").
Mark designed it using his Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer java applet.
We were interviewed by the local newspaper for their article about the Vermont Quilt Festival.

Polyhedron Description: The quilt depicts a polyhedron known as the Great Triambic Icosidodecahedron. As a 3-dimensional object, this polyhedron has 12 regular pentagons and 20 equilateral triangles, arranged cyclically around each vertex with one pentagon and one triangle meeting at each edge.

(Credit goes to George Hart for identifying this polyhedron for us and for providing the above description.)

"Paper piecing" is a technique for sewing very precise intersections in a quilt. The paper is a foundation which holds the fabric while you are sewing it. After the sewing is complete, the paper is removed from the back of the quilt.

If you want to make a quilt like this, here's the pattern.

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