Mark Newbold's Stereo 3D POV-Ray Polyhedra

Click on a "thumbnail" picture to view a larger version of the same picture.
3D glasses are not required. Each stereoscopic image has an anaglyph version (requiring 3D glasses) and a color version which can be viewed using the "look crossed" method. Although the anaglyphs are optimized for viewing with red-blue glasses, red-green glasses will also work. In either case, the red filter should be on the left. Free 3D glasses are available from Rainbow Symphony.
[Stereoscopic Great Dodecadodecahedron]

[Stereoscopic Compound of 5 Tetrahedra]

[Stereoscopic Compound of 5 Rhombic Dodecahedra]

[Stereoscopic Compound of 10 Tetrahedra]

[Stereoscopic Compound of 5 Octahedra]

[Stereoscopic Compound of 5 Cubes]

Icosahedral Rings #1 (43,317 bytes, non-stereoscopic)

Icosahedral Rings #2 (44,971 bytes, non-stereoscopic)

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