[Stereoscopic Great Dodecadodecahedron]

Stereoscopic Great Dodecadodecahedron

View this with the "look crossed" method.

This polyhedron has 24 faces: 12 pentagrams and 12 intersecting pentagons. The surface of each pentagon is covered except for 5 rhombic areas.

If you want to make a paper model of this polyhedron, you need 12 pentagrams and 60 rhombi. The rhombi are easy to construct once you have made a pentagram -- the edge lengths are equal to the exterior edge-length of the pentagram and the larger internal angle is the same as the internal angle of a pentagon, i.e. 108 degrees). If you have 6 colors of paper, you can assign one color to each set of mutually parallel faces -- make 2 pentagrams and 10 rhombi of each color.

I also have an anaglyph version of this, to be viewed with red-blue or red-green 3D glasses and a JPS verson to be viewed with LCD shutter glasses.

Math software was used to generate the input data for the POV-Ray ray-tracing program.

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