Jeanne Brenner's Polyhedron Quilt

[Jeanne Brenner's Polyhedron Quilt]


Quilt by Jeanne Brenner.

Jeanne says:
My son told me about seeing mathematical concept quilts on-line and thought I might like to try one. I took this as a hint and made him yours. It took me two tries though. I did not have a design board and didn't think the 3-d effect was very good on my first try. It had little life laying on the bed. I changed the color values slightly and made it again. Making as many or more mistakes the second time. How does that happen? The attached picture is of the second effort, which is finished. The first is probably just as good, if seen from the correct angle, but will have to wait a while to be finished.

The shadows were darker fabrics sewn into the quilt, using your shadows pattern and quilt photo as a guide. You will notice I used the same colors as you did. I tried to come up with something new, but my crayola box did not give enough options. Also, I was confused enough by my lettering system not to make it more complicated. After taping the pattern squares together, I traced the pattern onto some pliable vinyl, put it on a window in reverse to make the paper piecing patterns. A few of my bs and ds did not get turned around. Will use capital letters next time.

Adapted from pattern by Mark Newbold and Serena Mylchreest.
Received from Jeanne September 30, 2007.
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