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[Beach Scene]
Beach Scene



[Fourth Day]
Fourth Day

[Miniature Log Cabin]
Miniature Log Cabin

[New Dungeness Light Station]
New Dungeness Light Station




[Woven Pattern]
Woven Pattern

[Sierra's Quilt]
Sierra's Quilt

[Rialto Beach]
Rialto Beach Landscape

[Dog Quilt]
Dog Quilt

[Wind View]
Wind View

[Julia's Graduation Quilt]
Julia's Graduation Quilt

[Laser Fusion]
Laser Fusion

[Infinite Window]
Infinite Window


[Flying Leaves]
Flying Leaves

[Place Malraux, Applique Version]
Place Malraux
Applique Version

[Place Malraux, Thread-Painted Version]
Place Malraux
Thread-Painted Version

[Frosty Morning]
Frosty Morning

[Stained Glass Tulips]
Stained Glass Tulips

[Still Life]
Still Life

[Lake View]
Lake View

[Quilt Scrabble]
Quilt Scrabble

[Champlain Sunset]
Champlain Sunset


[Inner Warmth]
Inner Warmth

[Japanese Squares]
Japanese Squares

[Lucille's Log Cabin]
Lucille's Log Cabin

[Stone Portal]
Stone Portal

[Celtic Knot]
Celtic Knot

[Celtic Flowers]
Celtic Flowers

[A Piece of Hyperspace]
"A Piece of Hyperspace"
(Including pattern.)

[Mariner's Compass]
Mariner's Compass

[Halloween Dream]
Halloween Dream

[Lighthouse Quilt]
Landscape: Portland Head Lighthouse

[9-Patch Variation]
Variation of Nine-Patch

[Trip Around the World]
Trip Around the World

[Wedding Ring Quilt]
Christmas Double Wedding Ring

[Heart Quilt]
Watercolor Heart

[Wreath Quilt]
Watercolor Wreath

[Bargello Quilt]
Bargello Quilt

[Log Cabin Quilt]
Log Cabin Quilt

Medallion Window Hanging
(died of old age)

[Roman Stripe]
Roman Stripe
(this quilt died of old age)

[Penrose Tiling]
Penrose Tiling

[Flower Quilt]
Flower Quilt

[Around the Twist]
Around the Twist

[Banbury Cross]
Banbury Cross

[Cow Quilt]
Cow Quilt

[Horse Quilt]
Horse Quilt

[Horse Quilt Detail]
Horse Quilt Detail

[Log Cabin Variation]
Log Cabin Variation

[Isle of Man wall hanging]
Isle of Man wall hanging

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