Serena Mylchreest


I live in Sequim, Washington with my husband Mark.

Here's my Mylchreest web site.

I'm into quilting. Here are some of my quilts:   link to quilts   
link to quilts

I visit the Vermont Quilt Festival each July in Northfield, Vermont.

Some other quilting links:

Mylchreest is a Manx name, originating on the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is an island in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. In 1869 my great-grandparents emigrated from the IOM to the USA. The 3-leg emblem of the Manx is shown below.

Here are some interesting Isle of Man Web Sites:

[IOM Symbol]

I am left handed--here are some sites by lefties:

If you have allergies, you might like to visit these sites:

If you are a tightwad, you may like this:

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