"Stardate: 45122.3 The Crystalline Entity"

[Stardate: 45122.3 The Crystalline Entity]


41" x 41"
Completed July 2004

Quilt by Connie Green of Rialto, California.
Photo by Mary Aslanis.

Connie says:
"It was made for & entered in the 2004 Hoffman Challenge.
The triangles on the outside edge are 'prairie points', made of folded squares.
The shiny thread (beams radiating out from the polyhedron) is polyester & there are black faceted beads sewn where the beams cross & randomly on other areas of the quilt.
I thought that the beads' facets echoed the facets of the polyhedron.
I enjoyed the challenge of making it."

Adapted from pattern by Mark Newbold and Serena Mylchreest.
Received from Connie February 2005.

We like the quilting on the points of the polyhedron, and the little lines that extend the polyhedron lines.
And we like the border!

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