Sherri Rowland's Polyhedron Quilt

[Sherri Rowland's Polyhedron Quilt]


Quilt by Sherri Rowland.

Sherri says:
When I saw your "Piece of Hyperspace" pattern I knew I had to try it. I tried to emulate your color schema and am looking forward to trying a new schema next time. The finished project is about 31" x 31". It was entirely hand pieced and sewn. I do not know how to paper piece like was shown in one of your pictures so I made a template for each size triangle and went from there. So, luckily, I still have all the templates for the next one. I really enjoyed this pattern and wanted to write you to say thank you.

Adapted from pattern by Mark Newbold and Serena Mylchreest.
Received from Sherri August 18, 2005.
(The irregularity in the bottom border is due to the way it was hanging when photographed. −−MN)
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