Cheryl Larson's Polyhedron Quilt

[Cheryl Larson's Polyhedron Quilt]


Quilt by Cheryl Larson.

Cheryl says:
I stumbled across your 'piece of hyperspace' quilt about two years ago and thought it was absolutely spectacular. (Your other quilts are, too!) It struck a real chord with me, and I wanted to try one myself, so I downloaded the pattern from your site, but then put it aside and didn't do anything with it. Periodically I'd pull it out, along with a color picture of your quilt that I'd printed, and think to myself, 'Some day I'm going to do this!'

'Some day' turned out to be last summer. I learned how to paper piece (I'd made quilts before but never used that method) and bought fabrics (using much of the same color scheme that you chose). I taped my pattern pieces together and traced them onto paper piecing trace in 'chunks', and started out. I was delighted at how nicely it all came together--it's a fantastic design, and the pattern you provided on the website is excellent. Thank you SO much for sharing that--without it, I would never have tackled this as a project.

The wall hanging is finished, and I have it hung in my classroom (I'm a math teacher).

Adapted from pattern by Mark Newbold and Serena Mylchreest.
Received from Cheryl October 22, 2007.
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