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Hypercube V2
Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube v2.0
Hypercube and other 4D objects.
With OpenGL hardware acceleration using JOGL.
See below for the 1996 (thin wireframe) version.

In case of problems, non-OpenGL version is here.

Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer
3D sections of 4D star polytopes

Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion
A motion-aftereffect illusion.

Animated Necker Cube
Forced mental reversal of cube

Waterman Polyhedra
Waterman Polyhedra
Generate polyhedra by selecting atoms in a crystal
Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube
1996 version
Thin wireframe polyhedra.

See also: 24-Cell Object

The java source code for these.
(This was my first Java applet.)
My Critique of My Code.

Stellations of the Dodecahedron
Stellations of the Dodecahedron
Morphing between several stellations.

Fechner Color Illusion
Linear Motion

See color where there is only black and white.

(what other people saw)

Fechner Color Illusion
Rotating Motion

Morphing Polyhedron
Morphing Polyhedron
Construct an icosahedron on the edges of an octahedron.

Pulfrich Illusion
3D effect due to motion

Hyperspace Polytope Slicer
3D sections of 4D regular convex polytopes

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