Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube v2.0

Pure Java version

arrowHypercube V2 Applet (below) doesn't work even though you installed Java?
 Run the Hypercube V2 Web-Start Application instead.
 This downloads a jnlp (Java Web Start) file that tells Java how to run the Hypercube V2 outside of your browser.
 See my Java Web Start notes.

This if provided in case you can't get the OpenGL version to work.
(OpenGL version is here.)
My Java Notes here.

Put on your 3D glasses glasses (red on the left). (Free glasses here.)
Click the Detach button and make the graphics window bigger.
3D rotation is by left-button mouse-dragging.
4D rotation is by right-button mouse-dragging (or hold down the shift key, then drag).
Play with the controls!

screen shot


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