Critique of My Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube Source Code

The Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube was my first Java applet. Its source code is the only Java source code that I have published. This document lists the things I think are wrong with the code.

I make no apologies that it hasn't been upgraded from Java 1.0. It works fine in all Java versions, and I don't want to "break" it for people who are using old versions.

In Java 1.0, there were no "jar" files so each class file had to be a separate request from the web server. This was a strong motivation to minimize the number of distinct Java classes, at the expense of modularity. The Hypercube applet has only 3 classes. Actually in Java 1.1, it could have been done with only 2 classes because the Java 1.1 event-listener mechanism would have made it unnecessary to subclass the Frame.

The reason that I didn't use a ScrollBar for the "Projection" and "Speed" controls is that scrollbars didn't work right.

My Criticisms:

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Looking back over the code, my overall impression is that it looks kind of primitive. Things aren't done quite the way I would do them now. When I wrote this I didn't have much of a concept of object-oriented programming, and I didn't understand threads very well. I'm slightly embarassed to put this out there as the only example of my source code. However my experience with publishing source code has been rather negative. I know of instances where other people have taken this code and called it their own.

--Mark Newbold

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