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anaglyph (ne-glf) noun
A moving or still picture consisting of two slightly different perspectives of the same subject in contrasting colors that are superimposed on each other, producing a three-dimensional effect when viewed through two correspondingly colored filters.

My 3D Stuff:

(oo) = 3D Glasses Required (i.e. don't bother unless you have 3D glasses)
Most of the other things can be viewed in stereo without 3D Glasses (generally by crossing your eyes).

My older 3D Stuff:

I made these photographic anaglyphs in 1996 when I first got interested in 3D stuff.
The quality isn't very good since they were scanned from photo prints.
You can find better anaglyphs on the web (see links, below).
I'm currently much more interested in computer-generated anaglyphs (images and Java animations), as listed above.
But just to prove that I can make a decent photo anaglyph: Hidden Valley Trail.

Free 3D Glasses: Rainbow Symphony
(they send them pretty fast).

Note August 10, 2003:

I saw Spy Kids 3D last night in the theater. I totally recommend it if you are into 3D. It took a few minutes to get used to the red-blue glasses (the left eye is real dark -- too bad they didn't use polaroid). But pretty soon I had a big smile on my face that lasted to the end of the movie. The movie itself is splendedly corny, obviously by intention. They took every opportunity to exploit 3D effects. Go see it while you can. There probably won't be another 3D movie in the theaters for a long time (since SK3D is considered a bomb by the reviewers). Besides you get a free pair of 3D glasses!

Update, February 29, 2004: I rented the SK3D DVD and took it over to a friend's house. He has a big plasma TV. Pretty good show, though there was more blurring than at the theatre. I tried it on my own ancient TV and the color separation was terrible. The big plasma TV was a lot better. My video store didn't provide 3D glasses but I understand some video stores sell the glasses for $.50 USD, which is pretty reasonable. Nice opportunity to pick up some 3D glasses.


Links to other people's stuff:

You can find hundreds of 3D sites on the web. The links above are just a sampling.
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