Mark Newbold's Stereo 3D Photo Anaglyphs

I made these photographic anaglyphs in 1996, when I first got interested in 3D stuff.
The quality isn't very good since they were scanned from photo prints.
You can find better anaglyphs on the web (see links on my 3D page).
But just to prove that I can make a decent photo anaglyph: Hidden Valley Trail.
Red/Blue Glasses are required to view the following images (red on the left).
Also, I think you probably need your display set up for more than 256 colors.
Click on a "thumbnail" picture below to view a larger (JPEG) version of the same picture.
Our former Front Porch

Front of Hubbard Park Tower

[Tower Drop]
From top of Hubbard Park Tower, looking straight down over the edge

[Tower View]
View from top of Hubbard Park Tower

[Lion Gravestone]
Lion Gravestone


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