Tom Pensyl's Polyhedron Quilt, alternate view

[Tom Pensyl's Polyhedron Quilt]


Second view of Tom Pensyl's polyhedron quilt.
(Here's the first view.)

He sent us this picture 2 days later, after we had expressed much admiration for his quilt.

Tom says:
" I have to confess. I didn't say I made it with needle and thread did I? The reason I found your webpage was because I'm into polyhedra and other 3-D type stuff. Somehow I wandered from your husbands page to your quilt page. I never knew quilting was such an art form. But it really blew my mind when I saw your polyhedra quilt because I had just made that shape on my 3-D modeling program the day before. So I decided to see if I could "make" a quilt too. So now you know the whole story. I got a good laugh out of it, hope you will too."

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