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In June of 2001 I bought a unicycle at a yard sale ($20 USD).
Now I can do all the Skill Level 4 stuff, and some of the level 5 and level 6 stuff.

[Street Art]

September 19, 2002
Street Art (felt marker on brown wrapping paper) by Sophie B. Kerson.
That's a picture of me. More pictures below...

[Miyata 24-inch]

Saturday, August 25, 2002
24-inch Miyata.
I used to average about an hour a day on this one, but gave it away when I left Vermont. For cruising I use a 28" uni (not pictured). For tricks I use a 20" (not pictured).


[6-foot Giraffe]

Saturday, August 25, 2002
6-foot Giraffe (Matthews)
The seat is 68 inches off the ground.
A pedal is 34 inches off the ground at the bottom of its cycle.

This uni has 5-inch crank arms and a 20 inch wheel, geared up to feel like a 24 inch wheel (20 teeth in the upper sprocket, 17 in the lower).

It feels pretty similar to riding a "normal" unicycle.
The hard part is getting up there unassisted.

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