A kaleidoscope is a celebration
of organization and transformation
where color and form reveal regeneration
through exquisite patterns displaying integration

From mirrors and angles to blossoming angels
and beautiful diatoms emerging from diamonds
a small carousel of brightly colored cells
can reveal endless schemes all with natural themes

A sweet rainbow pie that delights every eye
entertaining our cones with some wonderful tones
where enchanting ballets on a honeycomb stage
create snowflakes and ferns in a touch of a turn

As creative crystals and kinetic fractals
spin whimsical stars through celestial choirs
into dynamic melodies nested in harmony
composed of symphonies playing on geometry

Like a periscope's eye on a paradise island
of florals and laurels on mountains of corals
a compass that rolls around chromatic poles
sails on oceans that fathom continual rhythm

Fantastic inception of hyperdimension
where past and the future curl back on each other
and time crystalizes moments liquified
as the present eternal buds out from the temporal

A point of creation grows imagination
from seminal twinkles in mineral sprinkles
where geodes that germinate unveil their inner space
flowers that stem from the seeding of gems

Jubilance rules in a bright pool of jewels
from small buds and seed pods to novas and nebulas
where gardens and galaxies melt and gel endlessly
cradles in living swirls cuddled in cosmic whirls.

From Mark Bloomer, 1999
(If you like it, email him!)
Kaleidoscope background by Mark Newbold.
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