Jack's Page

This page is now a memorial for my friend Jack.
Formerly at this web address, you would find a first-person (or first-dog) description of Jack's life, which was my attempt at dog humor, and also my attempt to describe Jack's wonderful personality.

Here's a picture of how I like to remember him, taken May 2002 at Hubbard Park Tower, Montpelier, VT.
He's 10 years old here, but still ready for any kind of fun, as always.

[Jack on Pedestal, Hubbard Park Tower]


And here's a puppy picture.
[Jack Before He Became So Mature]


Born September 8, 1991 in Northfield, Vermont.
Died in Shelburne, Vermont at age 13 (June 28, 2004), of liver cancer (diagnosed December 2002).
He just got weaker and weaker until he could no longer stand up.

Jack was my daily companion on long walks all over the Montpelier area and elsewhere.
He loved the outdoors. He loved playing in snow. He loved swimming. He loved food.
It was with him that I discovered the byways of Hubbard park.
He was as gentle and trusting as any person or animal could be.
He was always ready to go out and have some fun, regardless of the time or the weather.
Hiking around at negative 20F -- no problem. Swimming in icy water -- no problem.
He could smell a tennis ball 100 feet away.
Seeing the world through his eyes taught me the value of living in the present (which I still try and do, sometimes).

Well I can't resist including this picture too.
[Jack Waiting for Next Dog Biscuit]


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